Your Humble Wordsmith

I would like to bid you welcome~

I’m Sophie Harris, and it seems you’ve stumbled upon my little collection of book reviews and steampunk paraphernalia.

A little about myself:

I’m a final year university student on an English and Creative Writing course, studying dystopia and science fiction for my dissertation. I’m an avid writer of steampunk fiction and am currently working on a series entitled ‘The Nephesis Trilogy’ as well as polishing off a few short fiction pieces on the side. Alongside steampunk fiction I’m a fan of science fiction, horror, supernatural fiction and fantasy novels but I’m willing to give anything a read if it’s catches my interest.

As this is a blog for the discussion of literature and steampunk culture, I encourage you to drop me a line with suggestions.

Do you know of a steampunk festival coming up that I haven’t mentioned?

Have you read a simply marvelous book that deserves to be shared?

Is there an amazing steampunk adaptation of a book you think I might like?  (E.g. The Tell-Tale Clockwork Heart or perhaps Sense, Sensibility and Steamdroids)

If so, drop me an email with your suggestion!
I’m most easy to reach at:

Happy Reading!


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