Above All Else

I’m glad to say I can start this blog with some fantastic news!

I’ve been working on a few short stories over the last few weeks, mainly because my muse only visits when I have a mountain of coursework to do but there we go. One of these pieces was entitled ‘Above All Else’ in which a cynical, automaton fearing detective is called to a large manor house to investigate a disturbance. The short story was one I’d come up with off the bat but I was particularly fond the story and wanted to give it a chance to bloom a little.

Enter Verse Publishing stage left!

I was able to send the story off to Verse Publishers for consideration; they’d announced three new short story collections due to be published later this year and I fancied my chances at being included. Luckily, I had email back from the company today saying that they loved the piece and wanted to include it in their Steampunk collection: Rivetgun !!

Safe to say, I accepted wholeheartedly. 

This will be my second publication (my first being Hawk Eye in the collection The C Word) and it’s really put the wind in my sails to try my chances at further publications.

Perhaps I should get working on these other stories and see whether they meet the stride of their predecessors …


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