Coming of Age in the Most Grand of Fashions

Hello again my dears,I must apologize for my delayed posting but the last weekend has been simply chaos. I have finally turned 21! Not only that, but my family and friends have made it the best birthday yet!! How? A few things:

1) I went home last weekend expecting the usual little buffet that my family put on; sandwiches, family popping in to say Happy Birthday and a few cakes. Instead, I came home to find an envelope addressed to myself by the door. On the back was written ‘Bring a Hat’ and inside sat a beautiful invitation card, decorated with a picture of myself in my steampunk attire super-imposed into a Wonderland scene, inviting me to a Mad Tea Party that was to be held on Sunday 3rd March for my 21st. 
Words failed me. 
I’ve always loved the Wonderland stories and was particularly fond of the Mad Tea Party chapter in particular. So, to have my own Mad Tea Party to celebrate my birthday was just the most perfect idea. 

2) In addition to having a Mad Tea Party, I was aware that my mum would be baking some sort of decorative cake (she runs a home-based bakery and her cakes are simply amazing). So, it wasn’t surprising when I found I was banned from the kitchen for a day. Knowing, as I did, that the party was Wonderland themed, I made guesses at the theme of the cake: A cake in the shape of a hat perhaps, maybe a clock? 
When at last, the cake was done, I was allowed to enter the kitchen to see it. Not the hat or clock I had been expecting, but instead the most amazing cake consisting of two tiers. Tier 1 was the large, rounded figure of the Cheshire Cat (Disney edition, naturally) and upon his back was tier 2, a bright green Hatter’s hat (complete with 10/6 tag). And to top it all off, there was a tiny little Alice falling down a rabbit hole into the top of the hat. I was dumbstruck! 
It was the most amazing cake I had ever seen, let alone been given.

3) Continuing with the Wonderland theme, my parents also knew just how much I adored the world of steampunk. Being the geniuses that they are, they found a way to combine the two. One of the first presents I received was a small silver bag; inside sat a beautiful silver pocket-watch with a royal flush cards charm attached to the ring at the top. 
This was not the only pocket-watch I received. A friend of mine from work knew that my old pocket-watch had broken (the spring inside is uncoiling so it doesn’t wind up properly anymore) and was darling enough to buy me a new one. A gorgeous brassy coloured watch with a lovely Victorian floral design on the front. I loved it!
One can never have too many pocket-watches!

4) The Grand Finale!
Today marks the day in which madness ensues! I am holding a party for my work friends and uni companions (as they weren’t able to come to the Mad Tea Party). The theme? Well, I’m glad you asked.
It sounds like everyone has had some amazing costume ideas and have started to put their persona bios on the facebook event page. I shall be Safia Harborne, navigator for the FHMS Petticoats (Formerly the HMS Pinafore)! My latest achievements have been managing to successfully fly the crew to China (we were aiming for Scotland), Circumnavigating a thunder storm (which we would have avoided in the first place if I’d have been paying attention to the horizon) and managing to get us back to jolly ol’ Wales, UK after we got lost in the Atlantic (I lost the map).
I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes and I will be certain to put pictures up for you all to see. 
Who knows? Maybe I shall fashion myself a suitable crew for Waltz on the Wye this summer!!


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