All Aboard the Party Ship!

Yesterday, I was able to host my first ever Steampunk party!

In lieu of my 21st Birthday celebrations, I was able to host a house party in my uni accommodation for work friends, uni friends and my long-term childhood friends. It was the first time I’d thrown a lot of friends together from different social circles and I was a little nervous about how it was going to go. A lot of my friends have strong personalities and I was worried there might be a few clashes in opinion at some point in the evening and heads might clash a little; not to mention that I was unsure how I’d spread my time amongst all of them equally. 

As it turns out, my friends get along spectacularly!

Gamers were mixing with Literature dorks, childhood friends bonded with my new university friends and found things in common. It was magical. Two of my friends even stayed up till 6am just chatting!

Safe to say it was a success! But the most amazing part was the array of Steampunk characters that came out of the evening.

I myself was dressed in corset and skirt (hitched up as is the style), goggles, faux fur lined gillette and boots. I was Safia Harborne, Navigator for the FHMS Petticoat (formerly the HMS Pinafore) and head of passenger conditions! 

I was joined by Miss Downing (an engineer’s daughter) and her lover Dr Redding. Mr Benson the dock builder, an elusive travelling tincture peddler whose vials of colourful beverages were simply delicious, an assassin whose name shall not be mentioned and Miss Cali Winthrope the daughter of the local dock owner!

If all goes well, I would love to promote some of these friends to crew positions and take them to the Waltz on the Wye festival later this year in Gloucestershire. Which reminds me! Will any of you readers be attending the Waltz on the Wye this year? I would simply love to hear from you: costume ideas, musicians who are playing at the festival, performance ideas, character ideas! Anything! It’d be nice to discuss and even nicer to meet up at the Waltz!!

I also received some simply marvelous gifts! My friends really do know me too well~ I was given an inflatable turret from Portal, the Valve collection of graphic novels, a companion cube cookie jar from Portal, an Air Kraken pendant and The Meowmorphosis (parody of Metamorphosis). I loved them and couldn’t believe I’d received such fantastic gifts. 

I love my friends.


Have any of you held a steampunk themed party? 
Pictures will follow as soon as possible!!


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