Turbulent Skies

Hello again my dears,


I wrote Turbulent Skies for Nanowrimo last November and have been editing it ever since! 96 pages and 58833 words later, and it is finally in a fairly presentable shape~ 

It will still need quite a bit of work, but at least now I can start sending it off to publishing houses and literary agents! If anyone knows any good contacts they would recommend, get in touch and I’ll look into it. 

Next month is Camp Nano so I’m torn as to whether I should start the sequel to the series or whether I should write the stand alone teen novel I have in mind. What do you guys reckon?

Steampunk shenanigans and sky pirates?
Or a teenage girl getting to grips with her new job as a demon watcher?


7 thoughts on “Turbulent Skies

  1. Damn they both sound so good. How do you even write those NaNoWriMo things – they’re insanely difficult. Nonetheless I love your plot ideas – totally something I’d read (my own blog-novel is about a kickass vampire hunter).

    • Hey Averythorne, thanks for getting in touch. Nanowrimo and Camp Nano aren’t too bad once you get into the habit of writing for them; I tend to write in excess for the first few days while the muse is still kind then I have a little margin of laziness to rest on later on in the month. It’s just about forcing yourself to sit down, switch off the inner editor and write nonsense. You can always go through it and edit afterwards (as I have just done~) to make it more presentable. I really recommend giving Camp Nano a go next month, and I’d be glad to keep contact to offer motivational support :p

      A vampire hunter novel sounds fantastic! I was about to suggest reading the Dresden Files for inspiration but suddenly remembered the Dark Hunter Series…and the Carpathian series…and the Women of the Other World series…there are loads of books out there to call upon for inspiration. *facepalm*

      I’m still not sure which to go with though. The trouble I have is that I’ve just edited my steampunk novel so I’ve just re-familiarized myself with the characters (who still need refining seeming as they’re all a tiny bit similar in a crisis) and could quite easily continue here without having to recap. But if I work on the steampunk novel, then I’ll lose motivation for the other novel and may never get around to writing it…dilemma.

      It doesn’t help that I’m also taking part in Script Frenzy next month to write more of my Dystopian Drama about a post-nuclear city. So tonnes and tonnes of writing next month. I’ll be surprised if my muse doesn’t smack me upside the face.

      • Personally, I’d suggest doing the Demon-Hunter one. See, this is for NaNoWriMo, and the fact is submitting a sequel will mean that judges who didn’t read or don’t remember the first book will be lost. Plus, a sequel is something you can pick up at any time, unlike the Demon-Hunter book, which you may never have the time for. If you start to write a sequel then you may find yourself throwing yourself wholly into the steampunk novels. If you write the Demon-Hunter book first, you can decide which story you write next.

        I WOULD participate in NaNoWriMo, honestly – I have a friend who did it last year – but I’m currently doing far too many things at once to even find time to write. And when I DO find time, I have to put my first novel, Blood Over Ithaca, above all else, cause I have to do around a chapter a week to post on my blog. Plus, I’ve homework and such. But I’ll still support you in your own efforts if you want. Both your stories sound neat, and you made this super-long comment just for me. :3 *Feels special

        I’ve heard of the Dresden Files. Uh, I don’t read too many vampire books, actually. Not ones like Anne Rice’s, which focus on the undead mythos and complicated characterizations and the like. I base my own writings more on anime and movies like Underworld and Blade. And there’s an element of humour involved, because everything I write must have dark humour.

        I wish you the best of luck in NaNoWriMo and your Script Frenzy contest next month! I’m crossing my fingers that you manage to figure out which story to choose.

      • Thanks! I think you have a good point about the book choice, so I will be writing the demon keeper novel first. Skip and his sky pirate adventure can wait until my characters decide to behave like individuals instead of stereotypes. 😀

        I hope you manage to find some free time soon; being too busy is never particularly fun :S but at least it’s better than boredom.

        Now, my biggest challenge, turning off Bioshock Infinite……nope! Oh well! I’ll finish it before Camp Nano starts, that way I won’t be distracted!

      • No, being busy IS never fun, I must agree. I wish you the best of luck on your story. Let’s hope Bioshock isn’t TOO distracting. Heaven forbid you get stuck! You’ll play for hours! *Gasp!
        Is it good, by the way, Bioshock Infinite? It’s the third game, right? Haven’t played that one yet.

      • I’ll try to get it! I’m playing Dishonoured right now, which is like, Steampunk Bioshock. Honestly if you like Bioshock you’d love it. It’s has really great design.

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