The Keeper

I’ve finally decided!

I’m going to write my teens fantasy novel ‘The Keeper’ for Camp Nano. It’s a stand alone novel as far as I can tell so it would be nice to get it written and off my mind before focusing on the other two steampunk novels. The plot will go as follows:

A young girl receives a letter from her estranged father, asking her to meet her at Stonehenge. Not wanting to miss the opportunity to find out where he had been through her life and excited to meet him at last, Tasha makes her way out to meet him. As she arrives, she is met with an elderly gentleman who claims to be her father’s butler, and is led into the circle. She did not expect to see the Gods of Psyturia stood within the stone circle. She is the only remaining heir of Morgana and is bound by her ancestry to become the new Keeper of the Gods. She will be responsible to guarding the Gods of the Psyturia and preventing them from causing harm; which will is bound to put a serious cramp on her social life.

Will she be able to control the ancient deities?
Can she return them to their neutral alliance?
Will they be willing to follow the commands of a mere girl?

More importantly, how does this effect her chances with school heart-throb Jeremy?


I’m super excited about this one. The gods are going to be hilarious fun! A Warrior and Defender locked in permanent conflict, a know-it-all god of knowledge that mocks Tasha for her grades, and best of all…and no fantasy novel about gods can be without one….A TRICKSTER GOD! Hurray! Must desperately curb my enthusiasm for Loki and focus on making Tarion his own entity. He’ll most likely end up more like Puck by the end of this…

Know of any other novels I should read for inspiration? I’ve read the first Bartomeus novel which was incredibly entertaining and am making my way through the Dresden Files, so that’s all helpful. Always willing to accept suggestions though!


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