Writing Desk, Raven, Earl Grey….Begin!

Hello again Readers!

Camp Nano has officially begun and I am in for one hell of a month!! Between the 50,000 words I need to write for Camp Nano, the 100 pages of script I need to write for Script Frenzy and the 10,000 words of Dissertation I have to perfect this month, I might need a little motivational support. That’s where the Raven comes into all of this, nothing inspires the imagination like a good ration of Poe. 

The Keeper is in full swing now. I like to get as much of my word count done in the first few days as possible so that I’ll have a little bit of leeway when the month gets busier. So far I am on 4,000 words!! I have a little bit of my script done…which I just realised I haven’t described to you! Well here we go then:

Geiger Count is a post-nuclear, dystopian drama about Lillian Trammers, a teenage girl living in a radiation soaked city with her brother. She sells machine parts and geiger counters on her market stall, scavenging what she can from the ruins of the city. That is, until she is trapped in a radioactive storm. Lillian is burned by the rainfall and radiation begins to fester through the burn; she has little hope of survival without medical intervention. Luckily for her, an experimental new clinic ‘A Splice of Life’ has moved into town and offer Lillian life-saving surgery. The only catch? The clinic is just a little less than legal and their procedures are highly experimental. The government catch on to the splicing technology the clinic is using and attempt to recapture all of the subjects that A Splice of Life has been working on. Scared, Lillian and her fellow subjects, run. 

What do you think? A little dramatic perhaps but I’m really enjoying it so far. Lillian’s brother, Hannibal, is practically writing himself!! I do love when characters do that, do any of you have characters that do the same? You’ll know the ones. They never leave you stuck, and you will always know what they want to say in the scene you’re writing. Hannibal demanded his own song and dance, which I was powerless to refuse…

Dissertation is going well, just editing, quotations and a conclusion to write now! So, it looks like April is going to be a very productive month!


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